Organizational Retreats



We provide companies and organizations a nature-based offsite where team members step far away from their daily schedules to spend quality time outdoors discovering new ways of approaching challenges and initiatives. We impart teams with ample tools to forge new paths through creativity and collaboration. Groups will emerge re-energized with mutual focus and direction toward greater accomplishments.


Private Events 

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Whether its a 20 person dinner or a 200 person wedding, we provide a transformative time where guests share meaningful moments with friends and family in nature.  Another Sky has all the amenities so your guests need only show up.   From open-fire dinner parties to large picnics in meadows, from bonfires to star gazing and daily group activities, we curate a time that will resonate long after the event.  


Wellness Retreats



We provide a new style of wellness retreat for those seeking a deeper relationship with the natural world.  Our guests come to nature as inhabitants, not merely as observers. Beyond the serenity of an undisturbed landscape for one’s practice, we deepen one's connection and comfort in the natural world by passing on essential, often forgotten, knowledge of outdoors skills. It is here where one becomes attuned to crushed herbs underfoot, woodsmoke in the air and the waxing of the moon.