...somebody who said to those near him, when his fingers would not hold a brush “tie it to my hand”

E.E. Cummings

Another Sky seeks to foster the creative process by providing an escape from one’s hectic, ever-wired, always-on, urban experience in exchange for the opportunity to work undisturbed, while fully immersed in nature. We are committed to bringing brave interdisciplinary artists into a peerless landscape. Through this pristine lens, artists are encouraged to pull from the abundant natural resources to further their creative inspiration and promote artistic initiatives in a shared space.  

This residency is designed to serve established and emerging artists,  art institutions and educators.  Open to adults of all ages and economic background, we invite artists interested in exploring the richness and diversity of nature through collaboration, individual investigation and communal discussion. 

We will be announcing applications for our residencies in the coming weeks.